Affordable private schooling with quality education infused with strong Islamic Ethoes

Mohamed Ebrahim Islamic School, situated on 211 Palm Road, Croftdene, Chatsworth is the first and only Islamic primary school in the area of Chatsworth. MEIS is an independent Muslim school catering for learners from grades 00-7 and focuses on the provision of holistic education incorporating the Islamic value system, within a safe and secure environment for all learners irrespective of race and religion and ensuring that our learners maintain a strong Islamic identity within a diverse environment.

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Mohamed Ebrahim Islamic School is registered with the Department of Education and accredited with UMALUSI, a private body whose role is to effectively monitor private schools. We are also registered as a NPO, as we are committed to serving the community. We are part of the Association of Muslim Schools, a body that represents all Islamic Schools and offers professional guidance and support to all its members.

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All praise is due to Almighty Allah for the infinite bounties & favours he has bestowed upon us.

Alhamdulillah! MEIS preschool was established in 1996 and since its inception it has built up a firm reputation for excellence in education and has grown to accommodate over 80 young learners, offering a safe, nurturing and structured learning environment that is beneficial to the early development of children.

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25 Years of Experience
20+ Educators
100+ Students


211 Palm Road, Croftdene, Chatsworth



031 403 1602