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History & Growth Of The School

The mid nineties was indeed a year of much contemplation and hard work, when a young widow of 28 had a vision of opening an institution in the heart of Chatsworth, for the establishment of deen through the provision of Islamic knowledge.

This Islamic Centre, named after her late husband, Mohamed Ebrahim Kamdar, opened its doors to its first batch of preschool learners in July 1996, under the name of Ahlan wa Sahlan Pre Primary School. Our first challenge was opening of a school in midyear, when learners were already enrolled at neighbouring schools. In addition, we discovered that transport was a major problem as our school was not situated along the taxi route. Alhamdulillah, the school’s first taxi was donated by Township Motor Spares and was in use right till 2006. The school welcomed its first batch of learners in July 1996, a total of 30 learners.

The idea of an Islamic School was foreign and well received by the existing parents who requested continuation of their children’s schooling in an Islamic environment. After many meetings and consultations with others in the private school sector, we commenced with the introduction of Grade 1 in 1997 and each year progressed to a higher grade.

Alhamdulillah, it is only through the Grace of Allah that Mohamed Ebrahim Islamic School is today a fully fledged primary school catering for learners from Grade RR to Grade 7. Our approximate annual roll is 420 learners. Our founding mission was and will always be to enable children from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to receive quality education in an Islamic environment. Approximately 40% of our learners are on a full zakaah bursary.

Our school fees are also comparatively much lower to that of other private schools, thus enabling learners from all economic backgrounds an opportunity to attend our institute.

Founding Members & Contributors

Our pioneers: Ebrahim Kamdar , Adam Kamdar, Adam Ebrahim : the pioneers behind the foundation and existence of the school. Great sacrifice of time and effort had been made with regards to the infrastructure and growth of the school. These three worked tirelessly to ensure that the preschool was ready to receive its first batch of learners in July 1996.

Our initial committee members: The late Hamid Mohamed, late Essa Khan, Mr Khamissa, late Dr CNM Kamdar, late Moulana Syedullah and other community members who served on the first committee which worked towards the establishment of the primary school.

Our donors and sponsors be it, businesses or individuals. Your contribution to the school is a means of sadaqah to you and your family. Your donations ensure that learners from indigent home environments are able to receive equal education opportunities at Mohamed Ebrahim Islamic School.


Foundation Phase

Foundation Phase educators have the exciting and rewarding task of teaching the foundations...


Intermediate & Senior

As these are the formative years of learners in the intermediate and senior phase, learners require much support...



We at MEIS believe that every learner should be encouraged to reach their potential, to develop Allah consciousness...


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