Ahlan Wa Sahlan Pre-School - Grades 00 & R

Ahlan wa Sahlan! 
Welcome to our preschool section, the hub of activities and excitement at MEIS.
Our preschool caters for learners from ages 4-6 years.   Learning takes place in an atmosphere of fun and laughter, and is well integrated with Islamic teachings and values.   The curriculum provides for the holistic development of the child, ensuring for physical, spiritual, aesthetic, moral and intellectual development.  The syllabus is in keeping with the Department of Educations requirements and is NCS based. Learners are exposed to  English, Maths and Life Skills , alongside  with our comprehensive Islamic studies programme
Our daily programme includes both individual and group activities combining developmental play rings, story time, discussion rings, salaah, Arabic, Islamic Studies and maths and English activities.

Our outdoor play area is equipped with a fun-filled Jungle Gym helping to promote social and physical development.
The school also affords the learner plenty of opportunity at cognitive development ,  which helps children to learn about themselves and the world that they live in.  It also helps to develop thinking, problem-solving skills, language and communication skills.  The school has numerous games including puzzles, blocks, pegboard activities, maths games etc. 
The children thoroughly enjoy the creative art activities which range from basic colouring in to collages, painting and construction of models. The  creative art activity is in keeping with the theme under discussion.

Our  fantasy room is presently under construction. We are hoping for this area to be the centre of attraction for learners. Through fantasy play children learn to make sense of the world around them. It allows them to express their feelings, their concerns and interests.  The ideal fantasy room should allow learners to role play their favourite occupation eg. Nurse, doctor, imam etc. Learners explore and develop their creative ideas based on their personal experiences using their senses and observations.

Observation of the learners is an important aspect of the preschool curriculum.  Observation includes monitoring the learners' cognitive, physical , emotional and psychological well being both in and out of the classroom.

At MEIS we are committed to giving the preschool  child a wonderful experience in his / her reception year thus ensuring for a strong foundation and love for further education, Inshallah.

Regular educational outings are planned annually to broaden their general knowledge and aesthetic skills. Our preschoolers are active participants in our annual school sports. Every learners is encouraged to participate and is awarded a medal.

The school offers hifz classes, Speech and Drama and swimming as additional programmes at an extra cost. A swimming gala for the preschoolers is held at the end of each year.