Extra Curricular Activities

Hazrath Ali (RA) is reported to have said: “Refresh your minds from time to time, for a tired mind becomes blind.”

In keeping with the nourishment of mind, body and soul, MEIS endeavours to ensure for maximum participation in sporting activities. Despite the lack of recreation space at the school and proper sporting facilities, our learners are given exposure to various forms of sports including; netball, soccer, karate, cricket and swimming.


The AMS Netball tournament has become a prestigious annual event in the AMS calendar and affords our female learners the opportunity to participate in healthy competition within an Islamic environment.

Alhamdulillah, our learners have participated in the AMS Netball tournament over the years, showing great zeal and enthusiasm. Training takes place twice a week at the netball courts nearby the school. Our netball committee, comprising of vibrant educators, conduct the coaching for the netball. Mothers and participants together with the educators enjoy the tournament.

Co-ordinators : Fazila Cader, Anisa Musthan, Yasmin Ally


MEIS embarked on the formation of a Mini Cricket club at our school. The cricket club was opened to learners from the age group 7-8 years old. Many games were played on the school premises in the first term of 2007. We also had a friendly game between the 7 and 8 year olds. We are at a budding stage of our cricket and Inshallah hope to join other schools in the coming year to enhance our skills and competitiveness.


Sister Yasmin Ally


Alhamdulillah, our school has being hosting an annual sports day from the year of inception, which is 1996. The Athletics inter-house meeting is held annually at the Chatsworth Stadium , normally in the second term of school. Learners participate in track, field and novelty events. Field events cover, long jump, shot putt and tug o war. Mohamed Ebrahim Islamic School encourages maximum participation of its learners and encourages competitiveness. Our sports day is normally graced by a wonderful turn out of parents and spectators.

Our victor for 2007 was Suhail Bux (Grade 6) and the victrix award went to Kasheefa Edries (Grade 6). Zahra has once again taken first position, with Warda and Hozaan taking second and third positions respectively.

Moulana Cassimjee and his wife (parents of the school) sponsored the Victor and Victrix with cash prizes and a certificate of excellence. 2007 was a very successful and enjoyable day for educators, parents and learners.

Sports co-ordinator: 2006/7
Rabia Hassen


In keeping with the sunnah of Nabi Muhammad (SAW), swimming is offered to all learners at the school. Learners are transported via the school bus to the respective pools for swimming lessons. Coaching is undertaken by experienced and qualified instructors from the Learn to Swim Academy. A swimming gala is normally held at the end of the term to afford our learners the opportunity to compete and display their swimming abilities.

Our theme for the swimming gala for 2007 was “A healthy body, a healthy mind.” Learners were supplied with fruit and spring water.


Alhamdulillah, this is the second year that our boys will be participating in the AMS Soccer Tournament, hosted by the Association of Muslim Schools. Coaching is undertaken by two parents of the school: Aslam Ismail, the Chairman of Bluff rangers Football Club and Samad Gaffur, Chairman of Impala Football Club. Our boys meet twice a week for training at the Unit 10 soccer fields. This year’s tournament is scheduled to take place from August 2-5th and is being hosted by Orient Islamic School.


Communitech offers Speech and Drama lessons at MEIS, for the preschool learners, during school hours.

Speech training is the most important of all aspects of education. The purpose of speech and drama is to develop what talent the child has within him to make him a living individual, capable of enjoying himself. This forms the platform in drama.


1. To develop better speech habits.
2. To encourage conversational skills.
3. To instill self confidence.
4. To attain skills in social communication.
5. To promote listening skills.
6. To encourage creativity and individuality.
7. To stimulate thought and imagination.

The little friends started out with a little bit of apprehension, but Alhamdulillah, their confidence has grown through each lesson. We have built a relationship of trust and respect. The children have a wonderful time discovering their surroundings. Lessons have included imaginary travels through South Africa, role play with different fairytales, mime and speech development.

Lessons are conducted in a relaxed atmosphere as children learn best through play.