Financial Sustainability

MEIS  is a community orientated organisation and is certified as a non profit organisation. Income is derived from school fees, part subsidy from the Department, donor fees and fundraising initiatives. 

Our expenses include amongst others:

- Salaries which constitute 75 % of our expenses

- Physical education/sports and computer literacy classes

- Stationery and photocopying expenses

- Security services

Transport costs:  the school provides transport to approximately 40 underprivileged learners.  The vehicle, which is been used for this service, was kindly sponsored by an anonymous donor.

Daily operational costs

The school depends on funding from donors and the support of the community  to continue to be able to provide quality service to its learners.


MEIS has maintained a low fees structure.  Our school fees for 2007 are:

GRADES 00-R : R560-00 a term plus a R100-00 once off stationery fee for the year

GRADES 1-6: R900-00 a term including basic stationery.

In addition the following fees are applicable:

GRADES00-R :  R100-00   non refundable
GRADES1-6: R125-00 non refundable

UNIFORMS:  every learner is expected to come to school properly attired Cost of uniforms range from R100-00 to R150-00,  School tracksuits are available at R160-00.  School t-shirts and caps cost R30-00 each.

BOOKS:  the school sells certain books including dictionaries, atlases, sura and dua kitaabs etc.

EXCURSIONS AND FIELD TRIPS:  costs range as per venue and transport costs.



The following fundraisers are held over the course of the year to compliment income derived from fees:

FUNWALK/MARKETDAY;  this event is held in the first term .  For 2007, the school booked the Chatsworth Youth Centre for this event and the funwalk route was approximately 4km.  Prizes are given to the first three top collectors of funds.

ANNUAL DINNER:  this is held in the third term of school at Truro Hall, Westville.  A guest speaker is normally invited to give the crowd some inspiration for the evening.  Pledges are secured from amongst the guests for our  “adopt a learner” scheme.

ADOPT A LEARNER:  members of the community are given an opportunity to earn reward/thawaab by adopting an indigent learner in the form of paying his/her entire school fees for the year.  We have learners on both  zakaah and lillah sponsorships.

CONCERT:   for 2007, a concert will be held at the Orient Hall, on June 15, in commemoration of Youth Day, which falls on June 16.  The aim of this event is to provide our youth a platform to be enlightened about Islam in a fun way and to leave with some inspiration for the evening.

YOUTH CONFERENCE:  this event is been planned for October 2007.  MEIS is committed to the upliftment of the youth and we wish to give our youth the opportunity to be part of a dynamic and inspirational evening.  We request duas for the success of this event.