The Mohamed Ebrahim Islamic School

The mid nineties was indeed a year of much contemplation and hard work, when a young widow, of 28, had a vision of opening an institution in the heart of Chatsworth, for the establishment of deen through the provision of Islamic knowledge.

Chatsworth is a vast area and densely populated.  Despite a high Muslim population, the area lacked an Islamic culture and is ,till today,   polluted with many problems ranging from, abuse of drugs and alcohol, inter marriages, poor Islamic identity, poverty, unemployment, etc.  Chatsworth was in need of an Islamic school, which could help develop a strong sense of Islamic identity and present Islam as a way of life to our blooming children.

The Mohamed Ebrahim Islamic School Today

This Islamic Centre, named after her late husband, Mohamed Ebrahim Kamdar, opened its doors to its first batch of preschool learners in July 1996, under the name of Ahlan wa Sahlan Pre Primary School.  Our first challenge was opening of a school in midyear, when learners were already enrolled at neighbouring schools.  In addition, we discovered that transport was a major problem as our school was not situated along the taxi route.  Alhamdulillah, the school’s first taxi was donated by Township Motor Spares and was in use right till 2006.  The school began with a total of 30 learners in midyear, Alhamdulillah.

At the end of the 1997, parents were worried as to which school to enrol their children who were now ready for Grade 1.  Much pressure was placed on the founding members to start a primary school, with the introduction of one new grade each year, thus ensuring that our children continued to receive education within an Islamic environment.

Alhamdulillah, Mohamed Ebrahim Islamic School is now a fully-fledged primary school catering for learners from Chatsworth, Shallcross, Mobeni Heights, and the larger Isipingo area.  We have a roll of 380 learners ranging from nursery to Grade 6.    Of the 380 learners, approximately one hundred and thirty learners are either on a full or part  sponsorship programme.  Our school fees are kept to a minimal to ensure that learners from all economic sectors can be accommodated.

Mohamed Ebrahim Islamic School is registered with the Department of Education and accredited with UMALUSI, a private body whose role is to effectively monitor private schools.  In addition, our school is registered as a NPO, as we are committed to serving the community.