Mission Statement
The M.E.I.S. is a non-racial school with an Islamic ethos.

Our aim is to:

- Develop a new generation that upholds the principles of Islam.

- To provide quality education and academic excellence based on Islamic principles and departmental guidelines which is the RNCS programme, incorporating the 4 basic principles: inclusivity, social justice, healthy environment and human rights.

- To complement the efforts of parents, whose primary duty is to train and educate their children in the most befitting manner so that their children may become practising Muslims.

- To inculcate in our children a love for Allah and His Nabi(SAW)

- To break the cycle of poverty by providing basic entrepreneurship and technological skills to both our learners and parents thus equipping families to become self-sufficient.

- To inculcate in our children respect and tolerance for all Muslims who proclaim Tauheed and acceptance of Nabi(SAW) as the final Prophet of Allah.

In this regard, we have the guidelines from the Sunnah of our Nabi
(SAW) as to the proper conduct of a Muslim.

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