The staff are indeed the backbone of any institution.  Their professionalism and interaction with learners is the cornerstone of the process of learning. We are indeed blessed with a lovely compliment of staff, who work very hard to ensure for the success of the school.  

Our school staff comprises of:

Form educators:   qualified and experienced, our educators ensure for the maximum development of the learners in their classrooms.  All grade educators are registered with SACE: South African Council for Educators and are bound by the educators’ code of ethics.

Islamiat Staff:  We have seven Islamic studies educators who are all qualified with diplomas from either IEOSA or MCF.  IEOSA and MCF are Muslim organisations, which provide training and development for madressa teachers.  In keeping with the Department of Education’s requirements, all our Islamic Studies educators are currently upgrading their qualifications by undergoing the three year NPDE course offered on a part time basis by Edgewood College.  This academic qualification will enable them to register with SACE.

Media and Computer Studies:  Our media and Computer Studies department is headed by one educator and is situated in the new block of the school.  We have eighteen computers and over 500 books.  More books are required for the library.

Admin Staff:  this section is managed by three staff members and is indeed the buzz of the school.  Admin duties range from collection of fees, answering phone calls, conveying messages, managing school database, enrolments, etc. 

Ancillary Staff:  

Moulana :  The school has our own alim who conducts hifz classes after school hours and on Saturday mornings.  He also conducts home visits to verify zakaah status of parents applying for a sponsorship.  In addition, the jummah salaah is also performed by our moulana.

Drivers:   the school has two transport vehicles with two drivers in its employment.  Transport vehicles are used for transporting learners to school and for field trips and extra curricular activities.

Maintenance Staff:   the school premises is maintained by three domestic staff.